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Disappearing Act

Hi guys,

I'm back.  Mostly.  You may have not known I was gone - but, I sorta was. 

What I've been doing since I've been gone is not spectacular or world-saving, but I'm happy with it.

Along with a 5,000 word DA fanfic (and not actually playing the game all that much - I was really bummed that Return to Ostagar was delayed, but the news of the expansion's made that much less painful), I've been working on this:  lustrata.wordpress.com as part of my goal to write 500 words a day every day this year on something.  And the blog is about the other project of the year, weight loss/health goals.  I know some of you are not interested in that topic so rest assured, I'm keeping it all over there.

I have and have had many other blogs where I am much more emotive and, well, deranged and I've always hesitated to share them on LJ for a multiplicity of reasons, but the nature of this process seems to be the less hiding the better.  I'm also feeling like I'll push myself to continue it if I know people are reading.  Aren't I a greedy, withholding little writer?  Feedback, feedback.

Getting my head clear from a hugely busy few weeks at work and getting myself able and willing to do what I've planned to do has kept me very minimally responsive.  BUT! Here's a few things: if you have not received a card from me, goddamnit, I'm sending you one this week.  Two, I am excited for this weekend's ensuing epicry.  C, I may be spotty still with responding and getting back with everyone quick as a wink, but know that I'm looking forward to saturating myself with all of this and you and the world and Misha on Jan. 21.


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Jan. 9th, 2010 07:21 am (UTC)
How's the DA fic coming?

(SO looking forward to the expansion pack!)
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